Developing Dreams Together

Stoneridge Asset Management Group LLC, has been a leader in the Wholesale Real Estate Market for 20+ years. Our team has developed strong relationships and effective systems to help find undervalued or highly discounted properties throughout the US. We pride ourselves with being able to analyze a project with vision, while always keeping  our eye  on creating maximum value.

Our team excels in:

  • Locating Undervalued Real Estate

  • Engaging in joint venture projects.

  • Managing short-term rentals with a cutting-edge marketing program that is designed to maximize every listing to gain a higher percentage of profits.​

Please give us a call and see what we can create together!



We are always seeking new properties to add to our portfolio. We welcome anyone to contact us if they are selling and will look at all properties to see if they are an excellent value and fit for our portfolio criteria.


If you are an investor looking for property, we also sell off properties from our portfolio From time to time. These can range from turn-key rehabbed, rented and managed properties to distressed rehab projects, or a large portfolio.


All properties are sold at wholesale, as to provide the investor with values ranging from 20% - 50% of fair market value.


Please note we also welcome investor participation through joint venture, or lending with high returns.



Imagine the Possibilities

Stoneridge Asset Management Group LLC has developed a network across the US for finding undervalued real estate. Firstly, we purchase REO's, tax liens, and distressed single and multi-family properties and portfolios. We then maximize the properties' value for significant returns. 

We approach all real estate projects with impressive integrity and a commitment to delivering results with the highest quality standards. Our professional team works closely with both investors and landowners in order to come up with results that exceed expectations. Browse the rest of our site for more information about services provided and to see if we may work on our next project together for outstanding results.


We have developed a system to maximize profits through short term rentals. Our team works with landlords to produce a win-win scenario for all the properties we manage and to maximize  overall profitability. We achieve this through the use of the most cutting-edge methods coupled with a highly-motivated and professional team.Let us show you how we can team up for maximum profit!



If you are looking for a great investment property, or have a property to sell, or are interested in our short term rental program; please reach out!